Diego Gasperini
Direttore Tecnico
The coach Diego Gasperini, despite his young age, is a world-renowned and highly experienced specialist, since in 2006 he trained the Italian National Army. Currently he is the personal coach of Giovanni Cernogoraz, an Olympic gold medallist of London 2012. He can already boast participating in the 2012 Olympics as coach of the Turkish National team, a team that has achieved many prestigious results in international competitions such as the European Championships, the World Cup and the World Cup Finals. He has successfully completed the educational program offered by the ISSF Training Academy, while achieving the highest level possible, the ‘A’ level of International Coach. His ISSF formation allows him to use a training method grounded purely on scientific basis, through the study, the multidisciplinary analysis and the teaching of the modern shooting techniques. At the heart of the YSA project, Gasperini is President of the Technical Commission and Director of the shooting school, and therefore he has decision-making power as regards the development of the technical project of the Academy’s activities. For the young shooters of the Academy he has developed some specific training plans, following the example of the Olympic shooters’ training programs, dedicated to the formation of new champions. “The formation is the basis of every path taken seriously and responsibly” (Diego Gasperini).
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