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Technical Area

The technical area represents the hearth of the Youth Shooting Academy. The shooting technique is taught in accordance with the methodology proposed by the ISSF (International Shooting Sports Academy), that is grounded on purely scientific basis and enriched by the tradition of trainers of the Italian shooting school. The disciplines taught are: Trap, Skeet and Double Trap. The technical director of the Youth Shooting Academy, Diego Gasperini, after evaluating the characteristic and the abilities of the shooter, in the short and long term, prepares an individual one-year training plan with a final progress evaluation.

Initial evaluation test

The school offers specific training plans according to age, goals, technical, physical and mental abilities, talent and discipline. Young athletes who wish to enrol for the Youth Shooting Academy will take an initial evaluation test to assess their suitability to attend one of the study courses of the Academy.

Scientific approach

The scientific approach, applied to the teaching of shooting, allows to make great progress in the study and analysis of the fundamental aspects of the shooting technique. This approach has a distinctive applicative character as well, since practically it represents the need to think to an actual planning in the field of sport related to the individual athlete, who is called to face his/her limits and abilities, and the general and special conditions of realization in sport.

Individual training plan

YSA’s students follow an individual training program designed on the basis of their potential and the objectives set to be achieved. It is the same type of training followed by professional athletes. It is a focused training that provides the athlete with the basic approach that will be part of their personal working program to put into practice both during training and competition. It is divided into three basic phases, namely: pre-shooting station, with physical activation exercises; on the shooting station, with routine exercises; post-shooting station, with recovery exercises.

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