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Posturology and Biomechanics Area

The area of Posturology, Orthopaedics and Biomechanics covers a very important part of the educational program offered by the YSA, for this reason it is associated to three main areas. Since the YSA deals with growing adolescents, the examination of posture through morphostructural and postural evaluations is extremely important to assist the development of the athletes with great physical skills, and to avoid any problem or pathology of the musculoskeletal system or of the spine, as unfortunately often happens to shooting athletes.

Remedial Exercises

The aim of this activity is to examine the postural alignments of the athletes in order to create specific compensative or preventive training programs. The postural screening and the working program developed for this activity are performed under the instructions of the Remedial Exercise® technique. Through its innovative approach, this gives concrete results while opening the way to the well-being of the body, with the improvement of posture and mobility, but mostly with the improvement of the performances on the shooting station.

Postural Screening

The phase of the specific postural screening for each student is very important. It is thanks to this that the experts can develop an individual program of both remedial and strengthening exercises for the musculoskeletal system.


Over the years and with the progression of research, new biomechanical theories have been developed in the field of sport. The shooting teaching method of the YSA’s school offers to its students the possibility to learn and experience, on the shooting station, theoretical and practical examples related to the biomechanics aspects of shooting.

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