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The students of the Youth Shooting Academy have the opportunity to attend highly specialized shooting courses given by international specialists who use a scientific approach in their teaching methodology. The students who decide to enrol the YSA’s school are required to take an evaluation test to determine what the best educational program is for them, on the basis of which will be prepared an individual training plan. The Youth Shooting Academy offers courses addressed to shooters of Trap, Skeet and Double Trap.

First-level courses

The first-level courses represent the first step of the YSA’s formation school. The athletes follow a basic course targeted at the development of the correct position and at the acquisition of the basic principles of the shooting technique. An annual training plan and a planning of the competitions is drawn up on the basis of the individual goals of each athlete. The plan provides for training sessions divided into training camps and training sessions with the mental trainer, as well as the possible participation in the Fitav Summer Camps. 

Second-level courses

The second-level courses offer an educational program addressed to athletes who want to improve their shooting technique and who have already taken part in important international competitions. Generally, second-level athletes are part of their respective national team and follow a more specialized annual training plan, in which they are coached under all the aspects: technical, mental, athletic, and biomechanical.

Third-level courses – Gold Section

The Gold section represents the pride of the Youth Shooting Academy, and its members are only Olympic athletes. For them are designed advanced training plans to prepare the most prestigious competitions, such as: World Cup and World Cup Finals, European Championships, World Championships, Asian Championships, African Championships, and finally the most important competition, the Olympic Games. Among the athletes of the Gold section stand out the young Egyptians Azmy Mehelba and Abdelaziz Mehelba, and the Chinese champion Gao Bo.

In addition to first, second and third-level courses, the Youth Shooting Academy gives private and group lessons to address and explore the basic principles of the shooting technique of the Olympic disciplines: starting position, mounting of the gun, weapon pointing towards the target, target acquisition and execution of the shot. The membership of the Youth Shooting Academy is annual and mandatory to attend the courses. Those enrolled will be able to attend a single training camp, “Clinique day”, or choose among first, second and third-level courses. The shooting camp where the courses will be held is chosen in accordance to the availability of the YSA’s trainers and to the number of participants as well. The access to the training camps of the YSA is free: apart from the shooter’s category and skill level; and shooter of all ages may participate.

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