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Athletic Preparation Area

The physical preparation of shooting is often neglected and undervalued, because it is not considered a likely important part in the general preparation of a shooter. In the school of Youth Shooting Academy, it is considered as important as the technical training done on the shooting station and the training sessions with the mental trainer. In the YSA’s general program, the athletic preparation of a shooter is considered essential to ensure high levels of performance and high results during training, but especially during more challenging competitions, since it involves a considerable expenditure of energy that an athlete can endure only in good physical condition.

The objective of athletic preparation

The correct use and planning of the athletic preparation within the training plan could make a difference between success and failure; indeed, it may have repercussions on the introspective level of the shooter: being in good shape during a competition helps the athlete to feel more self-confident, and that gives him/her a huge psychological advantage. Good physical shape is necessary both in competition and in training. That is because, during the technical preparation on the shooting station, the shooter fires several shots, and being physically prepared allows him/her to not lower the performance level.

Shooters ability

Before creating a training program for the physical preparation, it is important to evaluate the athlete’s abilities and physical qualities through standardized physical tests: measure of the cardiovascular system’s functional capacity; muscular endurance and mobility.

Evaluation of the progress

The next step concerns the evaluation of the progress, in the short and long term, that the athlete wishes to achieve during the physical preparation. This exam defines the range and types of exercises that will be included in the individual training plan.

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