Why choose YSA

Training plans

It will be created an individual training plan according to specific characteristics and goals.

Professional Instructors

World-renowned ISSF coaches, mental trainers, athletic trainers and biomechanics specialists.

Scientific approach

The scientific approach as a driving force in sports programming connected to the individual athlete.

Favourable environment

The opportunity to be trained in an ideal context in which the noblest values of sport are promoted.

Our Staff
Diego Gasperini
Diego Gasperini
Technical Director
Fabio Partigiani
Fabio Partigiani
Athletic trainer
Luca Russo
Luca Russo
Posturology and Biomechanics

The formation is the basis of every path taken seriously and responsibly!”

Diego Gasperini
Diego Gasperini, Technical Director of Youth Shooting Academy

Passion and professionalism are our strength.”

Luisa Recinella
Luisa Recinella, Vice President of the board of directors

Talent, commitment and determination are essential qualities to be able to access the Youth Shooting Academy.”

Tatiana Recinella
Tatiana Recinella, President of the board of directors
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